You Want Transport?

For some first time travelers, navigating transport in Bali options can be confusing.
So here’s some help to get you acquainted with what’s on offer and the best ways on wheels to make the most of your stay.

You want transport in Bali? This greets visitors from the moment they exit the airport, all tourist hubs, outside restaurants and bars plus any other happening hot spots across Bali. These drivers are usually locals and are open to bartering their price. They are also very knowledgeable about the area, so feel free to ask them any questions as they usually love to chat.

Many travelers to Bali often seek out a recommended driver or local friend they have used on earlier trips. These guys are usually experienced drivers so give a fair price upfront.

Due to the reasonable price of hiring a car and driver, car rental is not readily available. Motorbikes on the other hand are easy to rent but there are some important factors to consider. Are you a confident driver? Will your travel insurance cover accidents? Do you have an international motorbike license ?

Gojek is Indonesia’s online taxi company offering both motorbike and car transport. Grab is the competitor from Singapore and BlueBird was the traditional cab company that has adapted to the latest method of transport. All have created online Apps that are easy to use, in English, fully trackable and completely up front as far as booking and securing fares from your hotel or villa. While the online options are super convenient, competitive and readily available in the major tourist areas of Kuta, Legian Seminyak, some areas like Berawa, Canggu and Umalas often pose restrictions on these companies for pickups. Why ? While this may be convenient for passengers these big companies are not so considerate of the drivers, particularly Grab.

The company sets the fare and always takes 20% commission. If drivers receive a complaint irrespective of being valid or not, they are suspended for one week and when allowed to join again loose their ranking position. We personally know the driver that was ranked No.1 in Ubud and experienced this.

Local Tip 1 – Use these big companies only when there is no local driver available.
Local Tip 2 – When using a motorbike taxi make sure they include a helmet.
Local Tip 3 – Don’t bargain too hard. Recently guests who booked drivers to get a cheaper price have been dropped at the end of Bisma Street and been told to walk to Bisma Cottage and had a driver no show.
Local Tip 4 – Booking transport and tours via your accommodation means the driver is guaranteed to pick up and knows the best route. Plus if you decide to do some touring these drivers usually make the best guides as they are from the local area.

Up the hill, Ubud is a slightly different story…. There are less Gojek and Grab drivers and no Bluebird taxis. So you will be more reliant on local area transport providers, private drivers or your hotel shuttle. Perfect if you want to flop and drop for a while at your resort or villa out of the town area, but a little pricey for peeps who are keen to explore the village and town centre so a solution is to stay within walking distance of it all!

Boutique resort, Bisma Cottages benefits from being close to the action yet secluded enough to keep its quiet ambience and rural charm. Located on a no-through-road for cars, Bisma Cottages is a casual 5 mins walk to Monkey Forest and 15 mins to the Palace, Central Market and stunning Campuhan Ridge. Bisma Cottage is on a quiet road and within the resort guests can enjoy the quiet calm of this intimate accommodation, the most peaceful rooms being the Deluxe Cottages which also boast uninterrupted rice field views. With a good spa and café just across road plus Laundry, ATM, Pharmacy, Minimart and even a wine shop all nearby, Bisma Cottages has all the important holiday necessities at its doorstep.
For travelers looking further afield than their feet will take them, the hotel has several transport in Bali options, with a car available, motorbike for rent and a selection of carefully planned tours and recommended activities. See more here –