We believe in supporting the planet and its inhabitants whenever possible. Whether it is to help people or animals in need, improve knowledge or preserve planet Earth.

In Bali this philosophy is known as Tri Hita Karana. Which translates to “three causes of well-being”

The concept of Tri Hita Karana contains the principle that humans must respect all aspects of life around them. Its implementation must be balanced and in harmony with one another. This concept is believed to be able to preserve the culture and environment of Balinese people even though they are in the dynamics of social change that is happening now.

Understanding Tri Hita Karana Philosophy
When examined in terms of language, Tri Hita Karana comes from the words “Tri”, “Hita”, and “Karana”. Each word means Three, Prosperity or Happiness, and Cause or Cause. So broadly speaking, it can be explained that there are three elements that cause humans to achieve happiness and prosperity.

Harmony with God – Harmony among people – Harmony with nature or environment

We are lucky to be able to live and holiday in Beautiful Bali. We ask you to make conscious decisions when visiting to follow Tri Hita Karana.

Bisma Cottages gives back via the below initiatives:

  1. Guests have unlimited drinking water available when staying at Bisma Cottages. We recommend to BYO water bottle.  
  2. One time plastic bottles for guest drinking water have not been offered since 2017. We use a refillable glass water bottle and metal straws. 
  3. Tree free toilet paper. We use 100% bamboo fibre and zero wood pulp biodegradable toilet paper.
  4. Linen is changed once every 3 days for water conservation and reduce detergent pollution to the waterways.
  5. Canang or daily offerings used at the property’s temples do not include any items plastic wrapped.
  6. In 2018 when the pool deck required replacing, an environmentally friendly product was selected rather than wood. Conwood is made from a mix of recycled materials including plastic and sawdust.
  7. Jalan Bisma is not a government road. In 2019 businesses formed a committee to manage road maintenance. In 2019, 2022 and 2023 there have been road maintenance projects arranged by the committee solely from funds from local business owners including Bisma Cottages. 
  8. Pots for plants are made from recycled plastic.
  9. We do not use any pesticides, no mosquito fogging or Baygon. Instead we spray an essential oil mix that deters mosquitos.
  10. Cleaning products used are eco friendly.
  11. Rubbish bins are in front of our property so visitors and locals can dispose of rubbish correctly.
  12. Mattresses are regularly steamed to keep condition clean and healthy.
  13. Pillows are placed in the sun weekly and changed on a regular basis. 
  14. Solemen helps disadvantaged people of Bali. Bisma Cottages is the Ubud drop off point for persons wanting to donate goods or monies. See xxxx for current items in need. 
  15. One of the attractions to Ubud is the fantastic Festivals. We believe these festivals are important for both cultural and economic reasons. To date complimentary accommodation has been provided to Bali Spirit and Ubud Writers Festival for hosting festival performers
  16. Accommodation vouchers are often donated to support causes such as;
    • Indonesia – Stella’s Child, Gili Eco Trust, Class Room of Hope, Bali Hope Ultra, Bali Childhood Foundation. Mothers & Baby House, Living & Learing Orphanage, Project Karma.
    • Australia – Camp Quality,
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