Pyramids of Chi

Pyramids in Ubud. Really? Since 2017 two pyramids are located in the village of Bentuyung only a 10 minute drive from Bisma Cottages.
The pyramids are the idea of Peter and Lynne McIntosh an Australian couple who discovered sound healing pyramid style and believe they were guided to introduce the amazing sound healing sessions to help people discover the wonder of complete relaxation using sound, vibrations and breathing techniques. Both trained gong masters Peter and Lynne have a wealth of experience helping people achieve healing via sound therapy. For more info, check out our blog here

Bisma Cottages Guest Benefit – Free drop off service to Pyramids of Chi

(Sound Healing must be prebooked via Bisma Cottages or included in Package) 

For more info, check out our blog here

Sound Healing.
WhatsApp: +62 812 3888 9441
Instagram: pyramidsofchi
Facebook: @pyramidsofchi

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